Introduction to the Term “Pink Washing” in Relation to Israel


I searched the web for a concise, unbaised overview of the idea of “pink washing” but did not succeed. Like most issues involving the Middle East, it is hard to find straightforward information. I am going to do my best to offer a short introduction to the term “pink washing” in the context of this blog.

The term “pink washing” was first used outside of the context of the Middle East. It was used to describe companies that would publicly support the Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness, but indirectly cause harm to the cause. This early definition of “pink washing” has no relation to its definition in use with Israel. In the context of Israel, “pink washing” is the idea that Israel deceptively uses the language of LGBT and women’s rights to obscure other issues, specifically Israel’s relation to Palestine.

Throughout this semester, this blog will serve as a forum for information regarding the idea of Israel’s “pink washing.” The information given will try to best represent facts and a variety of viewpoints in order to come closer to forming an educated opinion on the topic. Women’s rights, LGBT rights, religion and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will serve as broader issues underlying this blog.

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